Maxiron Monthly Income Trust by Maxiron Wealth

The Beginning

Like many every day Aussies, the founder of Maxiron Wealth (subsidiary of Maxiron Group) faced the dilemma of wealth building: whether to invest in real estate, buy shares or simply place savings in a bank deposit.


Real estate is expensive to buy, and in a scenario where rent can’t cover the mortgage interest, the investor must contribute income to it; resulting in a tighter family budget.


Shares are unpredictable, and the daily volatility often causes investors unnecessary stress.


Lower risk bank deposits are known for their low returns and long interest payment intervals: usually yearly.


The Solution


Maxiron Monthly Income Trust was set up to offer a real alternative to every day Australians. It offers a competitive rate, higher than a low- risk bank term deposit with a monthly interest payout. Best of all, there are no fees for you.


Competitive returns are generated by the Maxiron investing indirectly into a mortgage pool backed by Australian real estate with loan to value ratio under 80%.


Maxiron is a registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Australian registered scheme number being 618 038 609.


For investor’s peace of mind, the Fund is externally audited annually with Primary Securities Limited being the responsible entity and Sandhurst Trustee Limited as custodian.

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