Venture Capital

Maxiron Venture Capital

The Maxiron Venture Fund complies with the application of the Maxiron Investment Criterion.


The Criterion developed by Maxiron Group, has been shaped throughout the years by the expert management team at Maxiron that possess extensive experience in this asset class. Within the firm, the criterion has become widely referenced and serves as the core for lending principles at Maxiron Capital.


The key criteria outlined in the Maxiron Investment Criterion include:

  • Proposal of ideas that have been proven or are realistic

  • Proof of intensive analysis of the surrounding business environment

  • An adept team with strong management

  • Path to profitability is clear


If a company fails to comply with the criteria as outlined in the Maxiron Investment Criterion – investment cannot be guaranteed.


We operate under the belief that our clients are able to gain ‘unfair’ opportunity by choosing us. By utilising the wide array of portfolio assets we offer under the guidance of our expert management team with many years of experience in this field – clients are given the best opportunity to add real value to their businesses.


At Maxiron, we pride ourselves with our dedication in ensuring that every client that chooses us, succeeds. Unlike many Venture Capitalists, we invest only at the growth and expansion stages of the funding cycle. This opens up debt and hybrid funding markets as well as strategic M&A opportunities. We believe this gives portfolio companies the best chance to succeed.