Maxiron Research

Maxiron Research is a division of Maxiron Group that utilises a huge private and public pool of data to generate insightful findings for the benefit of the community. 

The team at Maxiron Research combines the findings found from both their pool of public and private data to deliver insightful research. More specifically, the topics in which the team have placed particular emphasis towards include primary consumer research, industry modelling and segmentation analytics. Through its research, the Maxiron team seeks to offer its clients greater insight into the modern financial world, by delving deep into the dynamics of the mortgage, lending and savings industries.

Possessing an experienced team with a collective 25 years of experience in data analysis, the team has been able to use their data to research upon future opportunities. A main focus for the Maxiron Research division has been to analyse future opportunities within the finance industry as customer needs a change in the evolving market.

The Maxiron Research team obtains their private pool of data from its operations but also runs focus group surveys across samples of Australian Businesses. The Maxiron Research division is well equipped with its data findings to help assist Australians in the Financial Services Industry with developing their strategies.

Maxiron Research can help your business with Corporate research – Qualitative Research, Industry Research, Advertisement Research and Consumer Research.

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Find out about what data intelligence, and how
financial institutions use it to gain competitive

Find out how financial institutions apply
Fintech innovation within their operations,
and how this drives the Fintech Digital

Find out how the digital revolution forces firms to adopt new technological practices within their organisational culture, and how this helps meet the expectation of digitally aware customers

Find out how financial institutions can
better engage and meet the needs of their
customers through adopting practices that
promote the push for more innovation in a
digital world.

Find how financial institutions can use
alternative data to tailor towards
individuals with no credit history

Find out how financial institutions
cooperates with Fintech companies, and
how this creates a mutual relationship for
one another to survive and thrive.

Find out about the barriers that prevent
financial institutions from delivering their
customers a seamless application
experience, and how these issues can be
resolved to enhance the overall application

Find out ways in which banks can get ahead
of its market and in what ways they can
leverage available technologies to provide
its customers an unforgettable financial

Find out how the newest technology within the financial services industry can be leveraged by financial institutions and how this leads to an overall improvement in customer financial wellness.