Advisory Team

Management Advisory Board

Chen Jian

– Management System Advisor




Jian who holds bachelor degree of Wireless Engineering from Nanjing Southeast University China and has served as a movies channel director and other senior positions in Jiangxi TV  for more than three decades.

Jian Specialises in technical system and general management. Due to his excellent performance in TV  industry, he was invited to many prestige TV stations, in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korean, Taiwan and USA for management and technical exchange visits in last 20 years.

Serena Lang

– Taxation Accountant




  • Master of Accounting

  • Bachelor of International Business

  • Advanced Diploma in Translating

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)




Serena has over 6 years of experience in accounting, auditing, risk management and consulting. She has worked in many small and medium firms as an accountant and consultant.


Serena specialises in small and medium business operation system and financial analysis, and seeks to appraise business performance to achieve a high standard of credit risk protection.


Serena is a qualified practising public accountant.